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Conversation with Emmitt Muckles — a Man with a Message

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Emmitt Muckles: A Man with a Message Beginning from Detroit’s east side neighborhoods, Emmitt Muckles is now a successful business man, corporate trainer at Fronius, podcaster, author, and speaker. The journey from Detroit led to creating The Billionaire Lifestyle, offering information and inspiration extending beyond the monetary. Listen in to hear more about his path from Detroit to abundance and …

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help in a world of hate

How to Help In A World of Hate

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The world is frequently in turmoil.  Current events often seem more like a cautionary movie than real life. Hate crimes, riots, rhetoric. Turning off the media isn’t a solution to ending the upheaval. The events don’t end. Their impact on the world and individuals has already occurred. But staying in pain isn’t useful. It doesn’t help the world and it…

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How to hurt article cover

How to Hurt and Still Thrive in Life

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How have you been feeling lately? Regardless of where you live and work, events in our world  impact us all. For as much good as there is in the world, we are also experiencing massive amounts of pain. Unless you’ve been someplace that has kept you completely isolated, chances are you’ve heard of at least one current world event that…

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