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Let go of being powerful to embrace your life purpose.

Do You Really Need to Be Powerful All the Time?

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Let go of being powerful all the time to embrace your life purpose.  Leave room for wonder, beauty, and the spaces in between. The Powerful Life Purpose Are you on a relentless, full speed productivity schedule? Do you love being organized, too? The sense of accomplishment that results from attaining your goals not only makes you feel good it keeps…

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The Difference Between Passion and Purpose

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Passion, purpose and the path between — what’s the real secret to living a fulfilled life? Do all the questions you hear about purpose and passion lead you farther away from a resolution? Themes and opinions on the topic vary, leaving speculation to whether they're the same thing and if they last a lifetime.  Do you even really have to...
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Celebrate As If Tomorrow Is A New High

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Life is a wheel. It goes up and it comes down. My last post focused on celebrating the downside. Why not enjoy the ebullient feeling of the upside and hold on to the reminder that life isn’t always a challenge? Celebrate the up side of the wheel with extended abandon and unique style. By adding affordable luxuries to a daily…

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Wheel of Life

Struggle Is Part of the Wheel of Life

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Celebrate your wins and honor your struggle. Why we need  to commemorate all our experiences. Some time in the course of  our life, many of us seem to adopt an idea that when life is difficult, we have done something "wrong". We strive to reach the times when all pieces of life are moving along in a cadence and "life...
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well-liked women

4 Traits Well-Liked Women Have That Make People Just ADORE Them!

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You just WANT to be around them. Ever notice how some women have a charisma that draws others to them? Everything they do is attractive and everyone simply adores them? What's their secret? Whether these women 'wow' people intentionally or not, there are definite similarities in their everyday behaviors. After seeing this list, it's pretty easy to see why they're so hard to resist! 1. They're just ...  real! ...
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