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Revealing the gift within our shadow header with kid standing on the sand and he shadow on the ground.

Revealing the Gift Within Our Shadow

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Wherever there is light, there is shadow. While the beneficial aspects of light that allow us to see are immediately obvious, we sometimes have to probe to discover the gifts within the shadows — both literally and figuratively. The celebrated Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, created the term that describes both the aspects of human nature that are hidden from us...
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6 ways to increase growth and potential article cover

6 Ways to Increase Growth and Potential

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A new year -- time for fresh potential. Time for new beginnings, resolutions, decisions, lists. So many options can feel overwhelming, confusing, or discouraging -- the antithesis of motivation.  Yet, January is a tremendous opportunity for assessing our alignment, charting our route to happiness, and determining our goals. There are few times automatically built in to our natural year and...
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Even if your words are forgive, their impact is permanent quote.

Even If Your Words Are Forgiven, Their Impact Is Permanent

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Just seeing a negative word for ONE second makes us more anxious or depressed! Ever wonder why you tune out certain people when they speak, even though they seem to be saying a message you would want to hear somewhere else? Chances are, it’s the words they’re using. Words — those combinations of vowels and consonants — have innate power we can’t help...
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