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neuroscience Archives | Jan L Bowen

2 ways to transform your brain with gratitude

Three Ways That Will Transform Your Brain With Gratitude

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Gratitude has infused modern culture. We don’t have to look far to find references to Gratitude Journals or Gratitude Lists. Our language, always a sign of our current and recent culture, is full of references to gratitude. “Thank your lucky stars”, “thank goodness …”, etc. Gratitude seeps into our consciousness in various ways. While all of these actions are fabulous…

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A Conversation with Cris Gladly: Protector and … Gladiator?

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Cris Gladly: Protector and … Gladiator? In this Profile of a Life of Purpose, you’ll hear my guest explain why she doesn’t believe in purpose — and what she does believe in instead. Cris is a consultant and speaker working with social and emotional intelligence to foster positive workplace culture. You’ll hear how she used her experiences from a young…

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help in a world of hate

How to Help In A World of Hate

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The world is frequently in turmoil.  Current events often seem more like a cautionary movie than real life. Hate crimes, riots, rhetoric. Turning off the media isn’t a solution to ending the upheaval. The events don’t end. Their impact on the world and individuals has already occurred. But staying in pain isn’t useful. It doesn’t help the world and it…

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