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A Conversation with JoAnne Funch: Genuine Perspective

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JoAnne Funch: Bringing Genuine Perspective to Life & Business Meet JoAnne Funch — marketing expert, business owner, as well as a top-rated (amonst 200 worldwide) LinkedIn trainers. If you’re wondering what connects her work in a meaningful way, listen and you’ll hear her deep heart connection to everything she does along with her commitment to values. JoAnne brings authenticity and…

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A Conversation with Carol Cox: Voices Heard

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Carol Cox: Empowering Voices to be Heard What creates a life of purpose? Political analyst, speaking coach, entrepreneur, university teacher, history fellow, political activist — any of those would seem to be a life of purpose. But purpose is about who we are, not what we do. Carol Morgan Cox does a lot, there’s no doubt about that. And through…

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leave a legacy

This Is How to Leave an Inspirational Legacy

By Private Musings2 Comments

Have you ever considered what will be left behind when you leave this life? Every year you live contributes to the legacy you leave behind regardless of how old or young you are. Perhaps you’ve done life exercises where you imagine yourself as an older version of yourself looking back and consider what it is you want to be remembered…

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Living your passion and purpose Header image

The Difference Between Passion and Purpose

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Passion, purpose and the path between — what’s the real secret to living a fulfilled life? Do all the questions you hear about purpose and passion lead you farther away from a resolution? Themes and opinions on the topic vary, leaving speculation to whether they're the same thing and if they last a lifetime.  Do you even really have to...
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How Accountability Leads to Success

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When we aspire to career success, we typically set our sights on external factors. We establish our goals, determine a strategy, and map out the tasks. If our objective is to develop leadership qualities we frequently look within to our strengths, capabilities, knowledge, and skills. The quickest way to overall success is taking control of the entire process through accountability....
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