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A Conversation with LuAnn Nigara: Teacher, Mentor, Guide

By January 1, 2018April 23rd, 2019Life of Purpose

LuAnn Nigara: Teacher, Mentor, Guide

LuAnn Nigara brings excellence every day. LuAnn does a lot. She is business owner of Window Works Window Treatments in New Jersey for 35 years, podcast host of #1 rated show: A Well Designed Business, author, speaker, and business coach, as well as a terrific mom, wife, and friend.

This show is about being more than doing, though, and the thread that connects what she does? LuAnn is a teacher, mentor, and guide.

LuAnn and I share a lot of laughs as we discuss the thoughtful topics of life, business, sales, and profitability. Listen in and you’ll hear a fun approach to substantial content. You’ll also learn the origins of LuAnn’s days as a leader and a glimpse into a few projects she is considering now for the future.


  • What drives activity in life?
  • Repetition of teaching and mentoring in Luann’s life
  • Social circles and how our role organically changes
  • Leadership and how it shows up  — and different words we use for it at different times (some more flattering than others!)
  • How themes in our work evolve and how the themes evolved in LuAnn’s business
  • Sharing knowledge as smart marketing in a profitable business
  • Ways Luann knows her podcast, A Well Designed Business,  is making a difference for interior designers
  • LuAnn’s work transforming lives: how window treatments and business coaching are the same (and different)
  • Running a well-designed business has a formula
  • LuAnn reveals the magic combination of her top-rated podcast (listen in — you might not be aware of all parts of her equation)
  • How Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Four Tendencies applies to LuAnn
  • The role of curiosity in LuAnn’s life — now and when she was younger
  • What shaped LuAnn’s passion and success in sales
  • A path to leadership shaped growing up with boys — listen for details!
  • How does LuAnn unwind and how her early years socialized those choices
  • LuAnn’s book about how to set up, organize, and run a business: “The Making of a Well Designed Business”
  • Her first book on body doubles (spoiler: it was a chapter in a compilation for Big Bold Businesswomen of New Jersey)
  • The next phase: what LuAnn is most excited about now and a glimpse into the future
  • Alignment of a life of purpose and how to use that in serving others (and the challenge it brings)
  • The sales principle LuAnn leads with
  • Why each of the 24,000+ Window Works customers is important to LuAnn
  • The struggle of business life — and how to navigate through it


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