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A Conversation with Carol Cox: Voices Heard

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Carol Cox: Empowering Voices to be Heard What creates a life of purpose? Political analyst, speaking coach, entrepreneur, university teacher, history fellow, political activist — any of those would seem to be a life of purpose. But purpose is about who we are, not what we do. Carol Morgan Cox does a lot, there’s no doubt about that. And through…

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leave a legacy

This Is How to Leave an Inspirational Legacy

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Have you ever considered what will be left behind when you leave this life? Every year you live contributes to the legacy you leave behind regardless of how old or young you are. Perhaps you’ve done life exercises where you imagine yourself as an older version of yourself looking back and consider what it is you want to be remembered…

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Revealing the gift within our shadow header with kid standing on the sand and he shadow on the ground.

Revealing the Gift Within Our Shadow

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Wherever there is light, there is shadow. While the beneficial aspects of light that allow us to see are immediately obvious, we sometimes have to probe to discover the gifts within the shadows — both literally and figuratively. The celebrated Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, created the term that describes both the aspects of human nature that are hidden from us...
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fundamental truth

These Truths I Know To Be

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There's a lot I don't know, obviously. Like the majority of my fellow Americans, I did not envision an election night in which Donald Trump would get elected. I never took his campaign seriously. Until now I made a point of never publicly discussing politics, and seldom even privately (often to my family's amusement and perhaps, disgust). Politics are personal....
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Living your passion and purpose Header image

The Difference Between Passion and Purpose

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Passion, purpose and the path between — what’s the real secret to living a fulfilled life? Do all the questions you hear about purpose and passion lead you farther away from a resolution? Themes and opinions on the topic vary, leaving speculation to whether they're the same thing and if they last a lifetime.  Do you even really have to...
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house cleaning with happiness

7 Reasons Cleaning My House Makes Me Insanely Happy (Yes, Seriously)

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Is it crazy to say this? — I enjoy cleaning my own home. My definition of "cleaning" includes tidying, organizing, and general "puttering." To me, it's no mystery why Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, has been such a phenomenal success, with her master class Spark Joy and Journal following. Statistics show that American women spend over...
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