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A Conversation with Entwined Lifestyle: Joined in Purpose

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Entwined Lifestyle: Joined in Purpose Jan and Jillian Yuhas are identical twins with a Relationship and Lifestyle coaching business, Entwined Lifestyle. Highly skilled, with credentials as life coaches and as Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), they are also conflict resolution mediators, and experts in body language and micro-expressions.  They combine their credentials with their experience, abilities and twin-ship to help…

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How to help in a world of hate rain drops

How to Help In A World of Hate

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The world is frequently in turmoil.  Current events often seem more like a cautionary movie than real life. Hate crimes, riots, rhetoric. Turning off the media isn’t a solution to ending the upheaval. The events don’t end. Their impact on the world and individuals has already occurred. But staying in pain isn’t useful. It doesn’t help the world and it…

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Living an Intuitive life article cover

Living an Intuitive Life

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What does it mean to live an intuitive life? Very simply, it means allowing your intuition to guide you through life. It doesn't guarantee a simple life, or a perfect life, or all your dreams-come-true. But it does bring peace of mind, fulfillment, deep joy, freedom from anxiety, and a conviction of purpose. And those are qualities we all say...
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intuition image with birds rested on the edge of a boat railing.

6 Tips for Developing Your Inspiration

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You already know what’s right for you — yes, really! Everywhere we turn, we’re constantly drowned by other people telling us what to do and what to think (oh yeah, and how and when to do it, too). After a while, all of those voices start competing with each other, making finding your way in life rather confusing! The best...
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