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A Conversation with Stephanie McCullough: A Path to Wise Money Management

By March 12, 2019May 1st, 2019Life of Purpose

Intro:   Stephanie McCullough helps professional women reduce financial stress by aligning their money story with their deepest-held values. She founded Sofia Financial in 2011 after 14 years as a financial advisor, with the goal to empower women to make wise financial decisions, address their areas of money stress, and free up their time and mental energy to spend on the things that are truly important.  In addition to creating more ease in life for her clients, Stephanie enjoys speaking about the human side of money and rational finance.


  • The impact of financial stress
  • How women are impacted by financial stress differently than men
  • Why and how money interested Stephanie
  • Stephanie’s early money stories and how she ended up where she is now
  • How savings shifted the way Stephanie viewed money
  • The role Executive Coaching had in Stephanie’s life
  • Why Financial Life Planning appealed to Stephanie
  • The first name of Stephanie’s business and the significance of “Sofia Financial”
  • Women’s fears, shame, and blame of working with money
  • How women view and use money
  • The taboo of money and the role of story telling
  • The money wisdom Stephanie has to share with all of us
  • Some idle chat on the brain/money connection
  • Stephanie’s largest goal and her vision for Sofia Financial — and world domination
  • The sources of Stephanie’s inspiration
  • The indispensable element of Stephanie’s work
  • What Stephanie likes to speak on (spoiler alert — the human side of money and rational finance)
  • And so much more


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