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2 ways to transform your brain with gratitude

Three Ways That Will Transform Your Brain With Gratitude

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Gratitude has infused modern culture. We don’t have to look far to find references to Gratitude Journals or Gratitude Lists. Our language, always a sign of our current and recent culture, is full of references to gratitude. “Thank your lucky stars”, “thank goodness …”, etc. Gratitude seeps into our consciousness in various ways. While all of these actions are fabulous…

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A Conversation with Dr. Carmen Landrau: Saving Lives via Medicine and Beyond

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 Dr. Carmen Landrau: Saving Lives via Medicine and Beyond Intro: Dr. Carmen Landrau is a board-certified physician specializing as a cardiologist. She is also a prominent professional speaker, using her experience, knowledge, and inner commitment to empower women. In both fields she is making a difference saving lives. In her medical practice she literally saves lives, working with a…

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A Conversation with Jason Scoppa: Using a Framework of Health

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Jason Scoppa, DC, CSCP, CCSP: Using a Framework of Health There is so much more to this month’s guest than his impressive professional credentials, but let’s start with those. Dr. Jason Scoppa is the only certified craniopath (CSCP) in Washington state and the only doctor in Washington certified in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). He holds post-graudate certi-fications in Sports Medicine…

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money as key to self growth

7 Ways Money Is A Key to Self Growth

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If you’ve avoided the topic of money in your life, there are compelling reasons to change your approach. Money is a reflection of ourself at both a superficial and deep level. It expresses who we are through our appearance and reveals our thoughts, behaviors, and choices on a daily basis. Even when we think we are avoiding finances, the situations…

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intuitive eating

This Is the Secret to Never Worrying About Your Weight Again

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It’s not exactly a secret that there’s more to being happy with your body weight than eating a specific number of calories. Food is intricately connected to our emotions and to our sense of identity. Our meals should nourish not only our physical body, but also sustain us emotionally and spiritually, helping us live the fullest life possible. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t…

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