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Why It’s So Important to Teach Empathy Today More Than Ever

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We are a diverse world — diverse in culture,  viewpoint, and opportunities.  This diversity has a wealth of knowledge and insight.  But because diversity, by definition, doesn’t always speak the same language, literally or figuratively, we overlook the vast opportunities within our world.  Instead of drawing together to connect and overcome differences, polar opposite opinions divide us.  Teaching — and…

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So Emotional

Why Am I So Emotional Lately?

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This has been an intense year.  Besides a medical pandemic affecting everyone, it can seem as if we have a global emotional epidemic, as well. The condition of the world is hard to ignore. Regardless of your political affiliations, current health, and employment status, nothing feels stable. It brings up a Pandora’s Box of emotions. Amid global chaos, it triggers…

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Lori Isenstadt: Empowerment Advocate

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Lori J. Isenstadt is a lactation expert and an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). She lives in Arizona currently and works globally via Skype on client consults and through her breastfeeding course. She is passionate about helping moms and families recognize the importance of what they are accomplishing through the “fourth trimester”.  While her work focuses on moms and…

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