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toxic relationships

A Conversation with Cris Gladly: Protector and … Gladiator?

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Cris Gladly: Protector and … Gladiator? In this Profile of a Life of Purpose, you’ll hear my guest explain why she doesn’t believe in purpose — and what she does believe in instead. Cris is a consultant and speaker working with social and emotional intelligence to foster positive workplace culture. You’ll hear how she used her experiences from a young…

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Getting Divorced? Here’s The SMART Way To Regain Your Confidence

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You don’t have to meet the perfect person. You just have to get back out there!   Are you recently divorced and contemplating getting back into the dating scene? Divorce processes are all completely unique to each marriage situation, and that’s something you need to consider. Depending on your personal situation, your feelings about getting divorced may vary widely. You may have…

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When friendships fade header image

When Friendship Fails: How To Move On

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Friends share our happiness, pain, success, and hard times, making those experiences much richer. But over time it is easy to get casual over who we travel through life. Life is about growing through our experiences and becoming a better person. The people around us need to support that growth or the friendship fails. There is a beautiful synchronicity to…

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