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Connecting with Joy — and Angels, 1

By March 20, 2020Life of Purpose

with Sheri Perbeck

You may remember Sheri Perbeck from episode 23, and recall our conversation regarding celestial beings, angels, and other forms of communication. Sheri and I wanted to do a special series together that can bring encouragement and positivity, as well as practical ideas during a time the world faces historic challenges. 

Sheri Perbeck is perhaps most widely known as an angel communicator, medium, healer, and spiritual teacher. In this series she is bringing her messages to instill positive action as a living example of a life of purpose.

In this series, I’m taking a more active role than interviewer and share more of the insight and messages I have. Together, we will leave you with suggestions on how to remain empowered at a time that may feel restricted.

If you have questions or topics you’d like to hear in upcoming episodes, please contact either of us (info in show note links).

Listen in, be well, and stay well.  


  • Why we’re doing this series
  • Messages Sheri has to share
  • Jan’s perspective on fear’s origin — and how to overcome it
  • Positive outcomes of a tragic situation
  • The specific practices Sheri and Jan both believe are helpful to staying positive
  • The role of creativity
  • An affirmation the angels gave Sheri 
  • And so much more!


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