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Lori Isenstadt: Empowerment Advocate

By November 11, 2019Life of Purpose

Lori J. Isenstadt is a lactation expert and an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). She lives in Arizona currently and works globally via Skype on client consults and through her breastfeeding course.

She is passionate about helping moms and families recognize the importance of what they are accomplishing through the “fourth trimester”.  While her work focuses on moms and “the girls”, her mission is making a difference by empowering those moms to live their mission fully in this world. 

Listen and you will hear Lori as an educator and advocate, empowering women, families, and yes, the world. 


  • Learn the distinct credentials required to be a IBCLC: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Lori’s journey from “birthing junkie” to a lactation specialist, IBCLC
  • Why her podcast that talks “all about the girls” combines humor, wisdom, and much-needed information
  • The gap needed in the “fourth trimester”
  • Lori’s advocacy for women 
  • The power of the podcast and its influence 
  • Mothers’ and parents’ value and influence — in ourself and culture
  • The reason for advocacy 
  • Lori’s impact on her clientele and listeners
  • The roots of Lori’s private practice and the need it fulfills for women
  • Why she created her breastfeeding course and how it fills a unique need for new moms
  • How partners and dads are included in the process of Lori’s work and education
  • As a supporter of others, how Lori finds support for herself
  • What Lori finds most challenging currently with her work as an IBCLC — and how it’s changed from the past
  • The three things Lori would like listeners to know —(hint: they aren’t about breastfeeding)
  • Lori’s next big thing — personally and professionally (her personal shift may surprise you!)
  • And so much more


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