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10 safe ways to beat depression

10 Safe And Healthy Ways To Beat Depression — WITHOUT Meds

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The world is struggling with depression. In fact, depression is now the world's leading cause of disablement, and the leading cause of suicide. An estimated 350 million people globally officially suffer from depression, with many others still undiagnosed. Physicians, wanting to help their patients, often prescribe antidepressants in an attempt to correct chemical imbalances in brain functioning. But mounting research reveals that anti-depressants and other medications...
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well-liked women

4 Traits Well-Liked Women Have That Make People Just ADORE Them!

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You just WANT to be around them. Ever notice how some women have a charisma that draws others to them? Everything they do is attractive and everyone simply adores them? What's their secret? Whether these women 'wow' people intentionally or not, there are definite similarities in their everyday behaviors. After seeing this list, it's pretty easy to see why they're so hard to resist! 1. They're just ...  real! ...
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Girl expressing hysterical happiness and laughter.

8 Ways To LAUGH Yourself Into To A Healthy, Happy, Stress-Free Life

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Laughter is the BEST medicine. Life is full of ups and downs, even severe drops. Regardless of what happens, we all need a break from the heavy feelings of dread in order to laugh our way to some happiness during extended periods of stress. Trust me, I get that it isn’t easy — or appropriate — to chuckle our way through the days we feel hit the hardest. Illness, death, heartache, terrorism,...
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authentic voice, rabbit

Find Your Voice — Within

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When you have extremely original ideas, do you sometimes find it difficult to find support -- even from your most loyal friends? Do they leave you on the sidelines at times, rather than cheer you on when you speak up with your authentic voice? To find answers and strength, when our friends are missing -- go within. We sometimes look...
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